We are very pleased to announce the news that Kouzon was chosen as a SUPER BRAND in Macedonia.
This prestigious international acknowledgement happened in the right moment, when Kouzon from a small company operating only in Macedonia has grown to be international brand operating in almost all Eastern European countries, Turkey, Tunisia and Qatar.
It took us 17 years to achieve what we have become today, a BRAND recognizable in the whole region for its quality and leadership.
We started working as pioneers with all our activities, we developed and set the standards in the hospitality industry and we became the BRAND which is a benchmark for quality.

We are Kouzon Superbrands in Macedonia 2014

Our development is due to the long year successful cooperation and support of our foreign partners and we are very grateful for that. We learnt a lot from them and their working procedures were the basis for us to set up our standards.
We are proud of this acknowledgement which is not only a proof that Kouzon is a recognized brand but it is also an obligation to continue building the brand in all countries we operate in.

Kouzon is working in 14 countries at three different continents.
We do not have a final target for our development but we have a vision which is related to the broadening of our activities throughout all continents, to build a professional training center for the hospitality industry and to build our own camp for children.
We would like to thank all our applicants, collaborators and clients who supported us and chose us to be a super brand and trusted us to be their agency during all these years.

The motto of Kouzon is LIVE YOUR DREAM …… it should be the guiding though for all our future applicants who would like to live their dream and to have better future with our help.
Best regards,

Kouzon team