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Available positions – November 2016.

List of available Middle East positions on 08 November 2016

NOTE 1: All positions below include FREE: visa, return plane ticket, accommodation, transportation, food, living expenses, life and health insurances except stated otherwise.

NOTE 2: The F&B (Food & Beverage) positions often include tips and service charges – although sometimes the advertisement doesn’t mention this. Please call your nearest Kouzon office to check.


  1. Bounchon Bakery by Thomas Keller, Kuwait

– Waiter                                                   350kwd

– Waiters                                                 350kwd

-Hostess                                                  350kwd

  1.     Babel Restaurant -Doha

-Busboy                                                   4.200QR

  1.    Abraj Qatar Group-Exclusive mall Doha

-Drivers                                                    650-700USD

  1. Savoir Vivre-Dubai &Abu Dhabi

-Housekeeper                                          5.000AED

– Butler                                                       8.000-10.000AED

-Male made for villa                                4.000 AED

-Tutor governance in a diplomacy       10.000-11.000AED

  1.    Park Hyatt Hotel & Vilas, Abu Dhabi

-Waiter                                                       1.200AED

-Waitress                                                    1.200AED

-Commis Chef                                            1.600AED

-F&B Pool and Beach Attendant             1.200AED

  1.     Duke Burger House-Doha

-Cahier                                                          3.000QR

-Waiter                                                         3.000QR

-Waitress                                                       3.000QR

  1.    Salam Hospitality Eatopia -Doha

-Order taker                                                      1.800QR

-Barista/Waiter                                                1.800QR

-Chef de party                                                  3.000QR

-Demi chef de party                                        2.200QR

-Commis 1                                                        1.600QR

-Commis 2                                                        1.250QR

  1. Al Joukn Restaurant Doha

-Sous Chef                                                        2.000QR

-Pastry Chef                                                     TBA

  1. W Hotel -Doha

-Housekeeping attendants                            1.100QR

-Servers                                                             1.400-1.800QR

  1. Torch Katara Beach Club Doha

-Fitness Manager                                              7.500QR

-Fitness Trainer                                                 4.000QR

-Receptionist (Arabic speaker)                       3.000QR

  1. Alfardan Towers

-SPA Manager                                                  20.000QR

-Laundry Supervisor                                         2.500QR

-Sales and Marketing executive                     6.000QR

(Arabic speaker)

  1. St. Regis- Doha

-Hostess                                                             4.000QR

-Female bartender                                             2.500QR

-Bartender                                                           2.000QR

-Head mixologist                                                 6.000QR

13.Kaafe Chocolate Loung -Doha

– Chocolate maker                                   1.500-2.000QR

-Sales lady                                                 2.000-4.000QR

-Chocolate decorate                                1.800-2.000QR

-Restaurant manager                               10.000QR

  1. Balkan Restaurant-Doha

-Bakers                                                       700-1.100USD

-Cahiers                                                       600 USD

  1. Nanny and Nurse in VIP family-Dubai and Abu Dhabi

-Nurse/maid                                               5.000AED

-Nanny/maid                                               5.000AED

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