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Dionis Llazari – Albanian in Doha.


Hello Kouzon,

I am employed at “Four Seasons Hotel” in Doha. Since the day of arrival and in the next 7 days we have attended Orientation. On the 8th of September 2014 we started work at Nusantao restaurant, which is a restaurant with Asian features that has six different cuisines such as: Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Thai, Indonesian and Arabic. As it was mentioned in my contract, I am now a “Bus person” and I am eligible to apply for a position change after six months of my work, based on my progress.

The work conditions are great. Working schedule is 9 full hours of which 1 hour is a break time. We live in a villa complex – each of them has seven rooms and each room is shared by 2 persons. Accommodation is perfect. There are 3 free meals provided, there is a pool, gym, football field, basketball, volleyball, billiards game, ping-pong etc. In other terms, we are very happy with the accommodation provided. The salary is also great.

As for the Kouzon service, we are very thankful to their team for giving us this chance to be here. The cooperation has been very successful from both parties. Many thanks, once again!

For now, we are all focused at the job and we haven’t been thinking much about the future, but one thing is for sure that we will still be here after this contract finishes – we can expend it.

I would recommend everyone to apply for a job in Middle East, especially here at the Four Seasons Hotel, because I don’t have much to say for other restaurants or resorts since I don’t know the conditions provided elsewhere.


Thank you very much that you still keep caring for us, we appreciate it a lot.

Sincerely, Dionis

Doha, Qatar

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