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Josif Gazaleh.


I work in Qatar Luxury Group. QLG is a company sponsored by Qatar Foundation, its headquarters is located in Doha, and also QLG has plants for manufacture outside of Qatar (in Madagascar). My current position is Facility Supervisor. I joined the company with a different position – Security Supervisor, and I was later promoted. Altogether with my vacation absences of 3 months, I am in Doha for two years and ten months. As this was my very first experience of working abroad, I can say that in terms of my employer, my work conditions and my salary I’m satisfied because I’ve got more than I expected.

I’m happy with Kouson’s services, their professionalism, commitment and speed in doing their job – they helped me achieve my goals. My career plans for next 2 years is to accomplish several goals that I have set. To those who wish to work in Middle East I can advise them not to hesitate to apply for a job. Working in Middle East can offer a lot of opportunities in terms of career, experience, improving the language skills, etc. I would like to point out that anyone who comes in Middle East, before accepting the job offer they should first find out whether that offer is good enough for them. Such assistance the applicants can always get from someone who is / or already been in the Middle East.


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