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Marija Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Hi everyone, my name is Marija and here is my story in short terms why you should choose Kouzon.

Since I have made a decision in 2014 to move to Middle East and expand my career there I have contacted a couple of agencies in Balcan.

Kouzon was one of the agencies that I’ve made contact with and honestly speaking they turn out to be the best possible choice.

To be completely honest with you it takes time and you need to make a decision-what exactly you want to do and it has to be a realistic decision in terms of your education and experience. Be prepared for what is waiting for you out there.

Milja Cvetkovic was my contact with Kouzon and she made it much more easier since she was so helpful and reachable at almost anytime. If it wasn’t for Milja I wouldn’t be now a sales manager for Hilton in Abu Dhabi.

Kouzon helped me to get a job as a Membership coordinator in Sheraton in Doha Qatar from where I’ve moved to a Membership sales manager position in Abu Dhabi. My life in Qatar was amazing and I really loved it and I miss it everyday.

You have to be prepared for a different culture and different way of life since Middle East is a completely different world than ours in Europe.

Accommodation is not perfect, the weather is hot and the job is not easy, but if you love what you do and you have clear goals in your mind it can be the best decision you made in your life.

My job  was to ensure that all of the members of Sheraton Fitness has the service that they pay for seeing that the year membership costs more than five thousand euros. W have organized many events and sports oriented gatherings. I had a pleasure to meet some of the most influental people of Qatar.

Sometimes it was time consuming, sometimes it was very difficult but I loved every day of it. Qatari are very nice and very humble and caring people therefore it was my pleasure working in their country. When you are working with an agency like Kouzon there is no fear of you coming to a country and not having what was promised. So don’t be afraid that your passport will be taken or anything like that that you’re hear over TV because its not true at all.

As long as you are clear on what you want and have an idea how you can get there, you ca have it. It takes a lot of work, lots of giving up and its not easy. But-its worth it,

Here are some pictures of most amazing 10 months i had in Qatar with Sheraton Doha.


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