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Viktor Chochegovski.

My name is Viktor Chochegovski from Macedonia.

Viktor photo 5Viktor-Chochegovski

I am working in Qatar Museum, Doha in a one of the best restaurant in Doha..

My position is Waiter. I join 6 months ago and aim very satisfied with all conditions here. Accommodation where we leave i can say that is better even from back home p.s check the picturesJ.

We work around 10 hours per day with breaks, 6 days a week and I am satisfied by the salary. Beside the basic salary aim getting very good tips, where in the end of the month i can safe.

Although the accommodation is 30 minutes away from my workplace, there is organized free bus transportation for the workers.

My goal is to build my career here, where honestly but so sad we can’t have it back home in Macedonia. To gain more experience and to become a Manager one day, for sure it will be very soon. Iam planning to renew my contract also. Middle East is the perfect place to be if one wants to grow professionally. They must be young, eager, flexible, and ready to be part of an endless adventure.

All of this it will not happen if Kouzon Agency did not exist. They open the doors for all young people to find their happiness and career in the Middle East.

Don’t wait, don’t lose this chance.

Here are some pictures of most amazing time i had in Qatar with QMA.






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